Welcome to Honey Pine Apiary. For those of you wondering what an apiary is, think of it as a sort of apartment complex for bees. A typical apiary usually consists of several bee colonies located together. Each bee colony is located in its own box. The boxes are then grouped together, a typically grouping consisting of about half a dozen boxes. Honey Pine Apiary is located just outside the St. Paul/Minneapolis area in the small town of Stillwater, Minnesota. Here, Honey Pine bees forage on only the best yellow sweet clover to produce the clearest, sweetest honey.

  Please come on in and browse around the site. There are lots of things to do here-find some recipes, learn about honeybees, play the bee trivia game, learn bee sting first aid, and investigate Honey Pine Apiary's history. Oh ya, while you're at it, you can stop in at our on-line store and buy some of our scrumptious honey, hand dipped beeswax candles, or any number of other bee things.